Can you smoke Cannabis from a tobacco pipe?

how to use pipe

Yes, but you will need a brass screen to do so.

What are Tobacco pipe screens?

These screens are rarely used by tobacco smokers and are used more for smoking hashish or weed in a pipe. Weed breaks into finer pieces than tobacco. Therefore, a screen is needed to prevent the weed that is unburnt from being drawn through the pipe stem into your mouth.

When it comes to smoking hashish, the screen is placed on the top of the pipe bowl, so that the flame can lite the small pieces of hashish.
There are many ways you can smoke cannabis, but none of them are known as well as smoking a bowl in a pipe.
Something that is essential to be learned when it comes to cannabis consumption is the packing and smoking of a bowl. The cannabis pipes come in all shapes and sizes and share the same basic characteristics from the tobacco traditional pipes.

The anatomy of pipes

The pipes consist of the following components:
• A Round basin, that is deep enough for the herbs to be produced in
• an Airtight channel that’s function is to deliver smoke and air through the following component, called the
• Mouthpiece
• A lot of times the pipes also contain a second air channel, this is called a carb.
The carb’s function is to regulate the airflow through the pipe.

Cannabis can be smoked out of the pipe, when it contains the first 2 items mentioned above.

Cannabis pipes are made by using glass of Boros silicate material, because this medium is incredibly versatile.
The pipes can differ in their: Shape, size, complexity, functionality and availability.
The bongs and bubblers make use of water to filter the smoke of the cannabis and cool it before that it is inhaled.

The basis type of the pipe is called the spoon, because of the shape. These are the best kind of pipes to start off with if you are still new to the cannabis game due to them being: Small, user-friendly and inexpensive.

Everything you need to pack your bowl

To smoke weed out of a bowl you will need the following essential items to get you started:
• Heating element – a lighter being the most basic form
• Butane lighters also work well, but avoid it when you don’t want a butane flavouring in your bowl and rather consider non-butane heating elements

Effective lighters and heaters will allow optimal heating control, when you vaporize your bowl. Some prefer to light the bowls with hemp wick. This waxy piece of hemp string ignites easily, maintains an even burn and does not leave a nasty after-taste in your mouth.
Glass wand
This is another element that can be used for heating. It can be heated to the point, where it will contact or vaporize your herb and altogether eliminate igniting smoke. The cannabinoids and flavour are still delivered through a lighter bit.
The most effective method is by using the torch lighter, coming soon to our online store.

can you smoke cannabis from a tobacco pipe?
can you smoke cannabis from a tobacco pipe?

Factors to consider

The usage of a screen can help to prevent you from inhaling bits of the cannabis that is burnt.

Tricks to consider when you do not have a pipe screen

• Twist a piece of wire or paperclip it into a coil
• Use the screen from a faucet head

The following should not be used as a makeshift pipe screen: Aluminium, soda cans and wind screens. They often coated with materials that can be dangerous when it’s inhaled.
Preparing your cannabis before smoking a bowl is essential to ensure the airflow through your device is maximized and delivers smoke that is even.

Steps to prepare your cannabis:

Break down your herbs, by doing this it creates consistent airflow through the bowl, where the smoke can evenly pass through.

A Step-by-step guide to pack or smoke a bowl:

• Get a pipe, weed and a grinder
• Grind up the weed loosely and make sure that it’s evenly broken down, but not too finely
• The most basic way is by hand pulling the herbs, but by using a grinder it makes the process so much easier.
• Lastly, put the broken up weed in your pipe

Tips to maximize your airflow:

• Use a screen or a stem to stuff the bottom of your bowl, to prevent the pieces from passing through
• The herbs at the bottom must be packed lightly and must be a bit denser at the top, for the smoke to be even.
This allows the cannabis to the top to maintain a burn, while the airflow is opened for easy inhalation and without being clogged. Put some heating to it and enjoy.

can you smoke cannabis from a tobacco pipe?
can you smoke cannabis from a tobacco pipe?

Etiquette for smoking a bowl with friends

– Make sure to pack a proportional bowl that will be enough for everyone smoking in the circle
– For larger groups pack heavier bowls to ensure that each friend gets a fresh hit of green herb
The friend who provides the cannabis will determine who gets to light the first hit. Corner the bowl by only lighting a fraction of the cannabis that is visible. This will allow everyone to have the same experience and flavour without an ashy hit at the end. Lit the bowl and feel free to pass it on, but let your friends know that the bowl is cherried.

Visit and choose between:
– Hippie pipe/ Brown Rosewood- Analog vape pen
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These Analog vaporizers you can use to vape your herb or resin, the pipe is definitely the strongest contender for becoming your next favourite non-electronic vape pen. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is highly efficient and compact.

It is manufactured with the highest-grade materials including:

-Real carbon
-Real Rosewood handle

If you have a pipe that contains the correct components to smoke your cannabis and you have followed the step by step guide to pack your perfect bowl. You can relax and enjoy your green hit with your friends. Just remember to use the correct etiquette when you decide to smoke in larger friend groups and let your friends know when it is cherried, before passing it on.

Rise and shine it is buying cannabis time!

Health benefits of cannabis seeds

can you smoke cannabis from a tobacco pipe?

Why you should eat marijuana seeds?

It is high in natural protein that is easy to digest.

cannabis seeds
cannabis seeds

“A study by Budhathoki et al., published in JAMA in August 2019, compared animal and plant protein consumption. The researchers looked at the health records of more than 130,000 people over thirty years. They found that individuals who did not consume animal protein had “substantially lower death rates than meat-eaters.” Also, for every 3% increase in plant protein-calorie intake, the risk of death was reduced by 10%.”

What is one of the best sources of natural plant-based protein? Marijuana seeds of course. This is the reason why farmers used cannabis seeds to nourish their livestock before it became illegal. Hemp seed protein powder is also becoming very popular.

Can Help You Lose or gain weight!

Diets based on cannabis seeds could help people lose or gain weight. Marijuana seeds are full of vitamins and minerals. They also contain protein that can keep you stay full for longer. If you need to gain weight, you can do it healthy due to the cannabis seeds nutritional characteristics. They have an enjoyable nutty flavour, that will be a great addition to healthy snacks and even plain yogurt.

Omega Fatty Acid Content

We as humans cannot naturally produce omega fatty acids therefore we need to consume it from sources. Some hemp seeds have the most plentiful source of natural omega acids when it comes to all the plants. Even more than walnuts and chia seeds, I know crazy right? What does omega 3 fatty acids do? They help promote a healthy brain and heart and they are also important to produce protein.

They Are Good for Your Heart

Marijuana seeds are good and healthy for your heart because diets that are high in omega acids reduce your blood pressure.

The presence of arginine in cannabis seeds causes blood vessels to relax and dilate. The results are reduced blood pressure and a lower risk of heart attack. There has also been reported that hemp seeds also help the heart to recover after a heart attack.

Prevention of diseases and wellness of your whole body

By consuming marijuana seeds regularly is possibly a great way of preventing diseases and promoting your general health and wellness of your body. 

Marijuana seeds cardiovascular benefits could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and also other psychological conditions.

How Can You Eat Marijuana Seeds?

cannabis seeds
cannabis seeds

You can eat marijuana seeds in the following ways: 

  • Raw 
  • Cooked
  • Shelled
  • Unshelled

But you will enjoy them more when you make a meal out of them instead of eating them raw.

You can also make a non- psychoactive tea. Do this by roasting the hemp seeds first and then put them in boiling water with your favourite spices. You can also increase the “natural potency of your tea by adding the cannabis stems and dried leaves. Spice up different kinds of foods by sprinkling shelled marijuana seeds on top. 

There you have it guys, there are all the reasons why it is beneficial to eat marijuana seeds. Have you eaten marijuana seeds before? What did you think? Let us know.