What is a pipe?

weed pipe

A cannabis smoking apparatus that is tiny and portable. Pipes are widely accessible in most dispensaries and smoke shops. Cannabis flower is packed into the bowl, which is the bowl-shaped container that houses the marijuana, as the name indicates. When smoking cannabis using a pipe, it is critical to cover the carb, or hole located on the side of the bowl where the flower is packed.

For her husband’s birthday, she purchased him a glass pipe. He had a bong and rolling papers, but he discovered that smoking with his pipe was the simplest and fastest method.

The Pipes’ History

Pipes date back at least 4,000 years, with evidence found in ancient Egypt. Pipes and tobacco leaves have been discovered in Egyptian sarcophagi dating back to 2000 BC. Native Americans have also utilized ceremonial pipes throughout history, including in prayer rituals (the smoke created by the pipe was supposed to transmit petitions to spirits), during conflict (symbolic “peace pipes” were offered as a show of good will), and during social events.

Tobacco pipes have also been used to smoke cannabis throughout history. In India and the Middle East, holy men known as Sadhus utilized “dry pipes” as an alternate smoking method to the more popular hookah.

Pipes are becoming one of the most popular smoking devices for cannabis flower due to its broad availability, simplicity of usage, cheap pricing, and range of varieties, colors, and designs. Even though pipes are frequently used and marketed, they have not been without legal difficulties.

In 2003, the US Department of Justice launched Operation Pipe Dreams, a sting operation that prosecuted hundreds of glassblowers around the nation, most notably pop culture star and cannabis advocate Tommy Chong, with “distribution of illicit drug paraphernalia.”

The subsequent punishments, including Chong’s 9-month prison term, and surrounding controversy encouraged the next generation of glassblowers and spurred a revival of American pipe production that is still going on today.

Pipe Varieties

There are many different sorts of pipes, such as hand pipes, one-hitters, steamrollers, vape pipes and even constructed pipes inspired by literature and movies.

Hand pipes, sometimes known as “spoons,” are the most used style of pipe for smoking cannabis. Hand pipes are made up of a bowl in which you pack the flower and a stem from which you inhale the smoke. They fit in the palm of your hand. A hole at the bottom of the bowl enables smoke to pass through the stem, and a bigger hole on the side, known as a carb, allows smokers to control air flow.

Hand pipes are often constructed of glass, although metal and wood versions are also available.

One-hitters, also known as chillums, are little pipes that are generally 2–4 inches (5–10 cm) long and formed like a tube with a mouthpiece on one end and a small aperture for cannabis flower on the other.

Because the quantity of cannabis they can carry is minimal — the equivalent of one hit — these pipes are known as one-hitters.

Steamrollers combine the best qualities of both hand pipes and one-hitters. They’re normally cylindrical in design, like a one-hitter, but they take key elements from a hand pipe, such as a carb and a bigger bowl. The key distinction between a steamroller and a handpipe is the open region in front of the steamroller, which allows for more airflow.

Pop culture icons have also inspired their own categories of pipes, such as the Sherlock pipe (popularized by fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and distinguished by its long, curved shape) and the Gandalf pipe (originally known as a churchwarden pipe and associated with wizard Gandalf from the “Lord of the Rings” series, this pipe is like the Sherlock but significantly longer).

What is the best way to utilize a pipe?

glass pipe
glass pipe

One of the most basic and easiest methods of smoking cannabis is using a pipe. To begin smoking a pipe:

  • Break up a little quantity of cannabis flower using your hands or a grinder.
  • Fill the pipe’s bowl halfway with cannabis. The goal is not to overfill the bowl. Tightly packing the cannabis will block ventilation, making it more difficult to smoke.
  • Hold the pipe in your palm and put your finger or thumb over the carb, which will be on the side of the end of the pipe depending on the style of pipe you’re using. There is no carb to cover if you use a one-hitter.
  • Inhale while maintaining your finger on the carb and lighting your lighter near to the surface of the bowl. The flame will be drawn to the bowl, the cannabis will be ignited, and the smoke will be inhaled via the stem.
  • Lift the flame away from the bowl once your bloom begins to combust and cherry. By covering and exposing the carb with a tapping motion while inhaling, you may maintain the cherry burning.
  • Exhale and repeat until all the cannabis in the bowl has been smoked.

What is the best way to clean a glass pipe?

Pipes may accumulate residue over time, resulting in blockage and diminished smoke quality. To have the best smoking experience, cannabis smokers should clean their bowls on a frequent basis.

To clean a pipe:

  • Place the pipe in a plastic bag that can be sealed.
  • Fill the bag halfway with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to completely immerse the pipe.
  • Add a teaspoon of salt to taste. It is possible to use either table salt (sodium chloride) or Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).
  • Allow the pipe to soak for up to 12 hours in the container or bag. This allows the alcohol to breakdown the resin.
  • After the pipe has had time to soak, shake the bag briskly to remove any resin that has accumulated in hard-to-reach areas of the pipe.
  • Take the pipe out of the bag and thoroughly wash it with dish soap and water.
  • Allow the pipe to dry.
  • how to clear a clogged pipe
  • If you don’t have a baggie, you may clean your pipe in a tiny sealable container instead. To prevent shattering your pipe, skip the “vigorously shaking” step.

Commonly Asked Questions

Vapor genie pipe
Vapor genie pipe

How do you smoke a pipe when you don’t have a carb?

The mechanics of smoking cannabis from a pipe without a carb aren’t all that different from smoking weed from a pipe with a carb. To clear the smoke through the stem of a carbless pipe, just draw a little harder. Smokers who use a pipe without a carb should also anticipate to lose smoke that evaporates from the bowl rather than through the pipe as the cherry burns.

Because you have less control over the airflow of the pipe, it may be beneficial to begin with smaller hits from the pipe until you gain a better feel for the pipe as well as your own lung capacity.

What is the average price of a cannabis pipe?

A normal glass pipe will usually cost between $20 and $35, with more ornate or personalized ones costing between $100 and hundreds of dollars or more.

What is the difference between a piece, a bowl, and a pipe?

A “piece” is an umbrella word for a pipe or other handcrafted smoking equipment. A bowl is the aperture in a pipe where flowers are filled, while the word “bowl” is frequently used interchangeably with “pipe” to denote the whole piece.

What is the difference between a pipe, a bubbler, and a bong?

A pipe is a simple, dry smoking device consisting of a bowl and a neck, but a bong is a water pipe with a bowl that connects to a downstem that filters the smoke via water before it reaches the user. A bubbler is a portable water pipe with a fixed bowl and water chamber.

How does tobacco ruin weed pipes?

tobacco pipe

It may seem like a simple question that has a simple answer, but it has more complexities that make the answer more difficult to give than you might expect. One of the most common reasons why people notice their weed smoking pipe isn’t tasting right is because they have ruined it with tobacco.

To make it clear, on this article we will not talk about pipe vaporizers and how to use them, we will talk specially about regular pipes, how to maintain them and clarify the switching to dry herb usage.

Tobacco damage in your pipe


Tobacco will quickly start to ferment and degrade the bowl of your pipe, and this causes problems for your hit on multiple levels. For one, it means you are contaminating your own weed with chemicals like cyanide or tobacco isopropyl alcohol since these types of substances can often be found in smoke produced by burning tobacco products like cigarettes or cigars.

Tobacco smoke is generally a lot thicker than that which arises from burning marijuana, so the hit on your pipe is likely to be weaker. Tobacco also has a lot more impurities in it than just THC.

These impurities include ammonia, ammonia nitrate, acetone, benzene, butane and propane. These chemicals are some of the worst for smoking weed pipes because they can cause throat irritation as well as irritate your lungs in some cases. Some of these chemicals are detected on marijuana tests and can affect the test results to make them inaccurate because they can interfere with the side effects of testing equipment used in labs.

How to Fix a Burned Weed Pipe

If you’ve ruined a few pipes with tobacco products and have decided to buy some new ones, you might be wondering how you can fix your pipes. Fortunately, fixing these pipes is possible since they are made of metal. It’s easy to sand off burns if you aren’t looking for an aesthetic pipe and want only the most functional performance from your piece.

The next solution is to clean your pipe out really well so that you can start fresh. You’ll need some coarse sandpaper, something like 220 grits would do fine in most cases. Make sure that you use this sandpaper lightly so that you don’t damage the metal beyond repair since there are no warranties on these items.

here’s also a lot of do-it-yourself ways to clean out an old weed pipe, and one of the easiest is to boil it in water. Boil the item for about an hour, and then you can use a wire brush to remove the remnants of tobacco. This will get your pipe back into great shape even if it has been ruined by tobacco overuse.

Another method is a little more difficult because you’ll have to scrape off all the parts of the bowl and mix some grit with soap. You’ll need to scrub down every part of your pipe until every last bit of tobacco has gone from your pipe.

If you follow these methods, you’ll be able to get a clean pipe with minimal damage to it.

How do you make your tobacco pipe last longer?

how to use pipe
how to use pipe

Tobacco pipes have been in use since tobacco first made its way into the Americas. Pipes have many benefits over smoking joints. They are easier to hide, and they do not contain as much nicotine compared to cigarette smoke, so people can smoke them more frequently since their nicotine tolerance is not compromised by smoking weed through a pipe.

You want your pipes to last as long as possible since they are likely to cost a lot of money compared to other types of marijuana smoking paraphernalia such as grinders or one-hitter boxes.

To make your tobacco pipes last longer, there are a few things you need to do.

1. Clean your pipe after every use

Cleaning is one of the easiest things to do. You can use tap water or a product that will remove resin build-up and smell from the inside of your pipes. Since your pipes are made from metal, you will want to clean them regularly, so they don’t rust. Also, cleaning will help reduce the chances of mold forming in them since mold grows more easily in moist conditions than dry ones.

2. Use long ashtrays

When smoking in a public place, it is always recommended to take a break to give people time to smoke wherever there are no open windows. However, this also means that you will have your ashtray back after you leave your spot. To avoid your ashtray becoming cluttered with the remnants of other smokers, try using a simple metal fork that fits into your pipe stem.

The goal here is to prevent residue buildup while still allowing you to smoke a little bit of weed. Since you are going to be spending an average of ten hours of the day with these pipes, it’s important that you think about what they would look like if they sat out all day long unattended.

3. Buy a pipe case

Another idea for people that don’t want their pipes to get dirty before they smoke is to buy a case to store their pipes. You can usually find these cases in the same section as the other items you need such as bongs, rolling paper and lighters. A leather case will be perfect for holding all your smoking paraphernalia since it will give you easy access to everything you need without having to dig through a bag for your items. These cases are fun additions to any smoker’s collection of marijuana paraphernalia because they are simple yet stylish.

Can I use a Tobacco Pipe as a Weed Pipe?


It’s all up to you to decide what type of marijuana pipe you want to use. In the end, it really isn’t a good idea to start with a tobacco pipe unless you have experience using them in the past and know how they work.

A normal pipe has two main parts: the bowl and the stem. If you are looking for a reusable weed pipe, it is best to start by using a water pipe or chillum if you already have one.

If your medical marijuana card is licensed in California, then all it may take is about two months before you can travel with cannabis products since this state has legal medical marijuana provisions in place.

Weed pipes are not so hard to maintain after reading this post, don’t you think? Keep yourself updated on this blog for more information about pipes!

What is Vaping?


Vaping is a process of inhaling aerosol through a vaporizer or electronic cigarette device. These devices deliver nicotine without the harmful characteristics of traditional smoking. They are an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes as they do not contain tar and other carcinogens found in regular cigarettes.

Vaping market growth

firefly dry herb vaporizer
firefly dry herb vaporizer

The popularity of vaping is skyrocketing and taking over the e-cigarette market. Vape pens, e-cigarettes, box mods, and other variants of e-cigarettes have become very popular in recent year.

Vaping is a rapidly growing industry with a large potential for future growth in time. One of the biggest reasons for this booming market is because no one can accurately predict the affect that vaping will have on public health.

Is vaping healthier than smoking?


Some people say that vaping will not be harmful to users while others fear it could cause serious negative health consequences. Vape pens are popular and affordable devices which some people prefer to use than smoking a cigarette due to less health risk and flavor variety.

It’s best to keep a vape pen with you at all times as one could possibly be all you need to make the switch from traditional smoking to vaping.

As we get more and more products and regulations in place, it will be easier than ever to change over and start vaping healthier than ever. With that being said, there are other options, like e-juice for example that may have nicotine in them.

This may not work for you if you don’t think it is right for your lifestyle. Vape pens are becoming more popular due to convenience of portability and odor of smoke is reduced which makes vaping more confidence inspiring, enjoyable and easy.

If you are new to this, you can weather choose start with a refillable or dry herb vape pen or you can start with a vape pen kit, that comes with everything you need.

Vape Pen Starter Kits

Vape pens have quickly become the most popular way to vape. We have many starter kits that come with everything you need- from rechargeable batteries, cartridges, and USB adapters for charging.

The vape pen starter kit is a device that typically consists of an atomizer, a battery, some form of liquid to vape and vaping wire. Many companies try to target people who are considering starting vaping but don’t know where to start. Vape pens are becoming more popular in the United States and many people are looking for ways they can lower their health risks and still enjoy vaping.

There are many starter kits that come with everything one needs when starting out in e-cigarettes. In this article we will be looking at the best vape pen starter kits:

1. Kangertech EVOD 2 Starter Kit

kanger evod pro2
kangertech evod pro2

Kanger is a well-known brand that is around for a while. Their EVOD 2 Starter Kit and Kanger Evod Mini Starter Kit are some of their most popular products. Kangertech is an innovative company that set out to make a better atomizer, and they did just that.

The Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit the same as the Kanger EVOD starter kits but it is a much more modern version. It has a tank rather than a clearomizer, which is a more modern style of vaping. The tank allows you to see how much e-liquid you have been consuming throughout your day and also allows you to add fluid onto your coil without having to take it off of your device. You also get 5 different colored tips with this kit, so you can personalize your vape pen starter kit based on your preferences.

2. Innokin Endura T18 Starter Kit

Endura T18
Endura T18

Innokin is a well-known vape pen brand that is starting to make its way to the top of the charts. The Endura T18 Starter Kit would be one of their top models. It comes with two different types of clearomizers so you can find one that fits your needs the best. Both options are easy to fill and have a replaceable drip tip, which is very helpful when it comes to making sure you don’t burn yourself from vaping too quickly.

The battery life will last you about one whole day before needing a recharge and can be charged with a micro-USB charger if needed. The vapor production is great and will not let you down.

3. Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit

Endura T22
Endura T22

If you enjoy the look of the Endura T18 Starter Kit but need a little more tank to it, then this is the kit for you. The Endura T22 Starter Kit has a larger tank and more battery life and power than the previous model we looked at. The vaping wire that comes with your purchase works well with this device as well, which can help to produce even bigger vapor clouds and better flavor production throughout your vaping day.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the top starter kits that are available today. There are so many great ones out there and the more you purchase, the more you will begin to see what works best for your taste, lifestyle, and needs.

Vaping vs Smoking Cannabis


The first thing that you need to know about vaporizers is that they don’t produce smoke. You can now enjoy your weed without the dangers of smoking it! Smoking from tobacco pipes or joints often produce carcinogens and other nasty chemicals, but vaping doesn’t do this. In fact, you’ll find that vaporizing weed is actually better for your lungs than smoking it would be.

Vaporizing involves heating up the cannabis just enough to turn the THC into a vapor which can then be inhaled – we’ll go over what temperatures work best for vaping weed in a bit. When you smoke weed, the chemical reaction that takes place means that almost all of the THC is converted into carbon monoxide. The main advantage of vaping is that you can control how much THC ends up in your lungs.

Vaping weed can be a safer option for those who are trying to limit their intake of THC and it also eliminates the risk of burning your weed which produces carcinogenic soot (more on this in a bit).

Vaping vs Smoking Weed: The Pros and Cons

Vaporizers have been shown to have many health benefits over smoking, but what are the pros and cons of each one? Let’s take a look at how smoking weed compares to vaping.



Healthier to smoke:

As we mentioned above, vaping marijuana and weed is healthier than smoking and it’s actually better for your lungs. Vaping does not produce harmful toxins such as the carcinogenic byproducts of burning smoke, and the lack of combustion means that there are no harmful particles left over after you inhale.

Better flavor:

The chemical reactions that occur when you burn your herb creates hundreds of different chemicals. The worst of these substances, such as burning tar and carbon monoxide, are carcinogenic. Vaporizers produce vapor instead of smoke, which means that there are no carcinogens involved at all. When you vape weed and cannabis, the THC is heated just enough to create a vapor without being burned or producing any toxic byproducts.

Better taste:

When you smoke your herb it leaves a burnt taste, but this acrid flavor only occurs after the THC has been burned. Since your vaporizer uses heat instead of fire, it can leave a natural, more subtle flavoring in your vapor.

Less harsh for your throat:

If you have a sore throat, or any other trouble with your lungs, you may be able to switch from smoking to vaping without compromising your health. Smoking can cause coughing and irritation of the lungs making regular use of a vaporizer an ideal alternative.


As vaporizers are typically electronic devices, they don’t involve rolling papers or messy lighters. You can vape if you want without having to recharge or refill.

Long-lasting effects:

The high from vaping weed and cannabis will last much longer than if you were to smoke it regularly. This is because, when your body metabolizes cannabinoids, the THC is absorbed into the blood stream through the lungs rather than passing through the digestive system which helps to prolong its effects.

Easier to share:

You probably have friends who have already tried vaping weed and don’t know how helpful it can be. When you vape weed, you can take small amounts with you without worrying about getting caught.

More discreet:

The vaporizer will help you to avoid the stigma associated with using cannabis and it provides a safe way to enjoy your weed or cannabis in public.



Portable vaporizers are small, convenient devices, but they may not produce the best flavor for vaping marijuana. Unfortunately, portable vapes tend to burn their weed a little bit (think scorched earth) which means that there is more carbon residue than with other options.

Healthier buds:

While portability provides some benefits to enjoying your weed, it does lower its quality. The chemical makeup of your cannabis will be affected when you burn it. Vapes use heat to extract the THC from plant material and this will leave your herb’s taste intact after vaping.

Turning it on and off:

Whether you are using a portable or desktop vaporizer, you’ll need to turn it on before you start vaping. The device heats up fast but not instantly. When you want to readjust the temperature or take a break from smoking, you’ll enjoy a bit of a wait before your vaporizer can be used again.

There you have it! Are you convinced to start vaping? Check our last review posts about amazing-quality vapes! I hope you enjoyed considering the pros and cons of vaping instead of smoking your herb.

Happy vaping!