Vaping vs Smoking Cannabis

The first thing that you need to know about vaporizers is that they don’t produce smoke. You can now enjoy your weed without the dangers of smoking it! Smoking from tobacco pipes or joints often produce carcinogens and other nasty chemicals, but vaping doesn’t do this. In fact, you’ll find that vaporizing weed is actually better for your lungs than smoking it would be.

Vaporizing involves heating up the cannabis just enough to turn the THC into a vapor which can then be inhaled – we’ll go over what temperatures work best for vaping weed in a bit. When you smoke weed, the chemical reaction that takes place means that almost all of the THC is converted into carbon monoxide. The main advantage of vaping is that you can control how much THC ends up in your lungs.

Vaping weed can be a safer option for those who are trying to limit their intake of THC and it also eliminates the risk of burning your weed which produces carcinogenic soot (more on this in a bit).

Vaping vs Smoking Weed: The Pros and Cons

Vaporizers have been shown to have many health benefits over smoking, but what are the pros and cons of each one? Let’s take a look at how smoking weed compares to vaping.



Healthier to smoke:

As we mentioned above, vaping marijuana and weed is healthier than smoking and it’s actually better for your lungs. Vaping does not produce harmful toxins such as the carcinogenic byproducts of burning smoke, and the lack of combustion means that there are no harmful particles left over after you inhale.

Better flavor:

The chemical reactions that occur when you burn your herb creates hundreds of different chemicals. The worst of these substances, such as burning tar and carbon monoxide, are carcinogenic. Vaporizers produce vapor instead of smoke, which means that there are no carcinogens involved at all. When you vape weed and cannabis, the THC is heated just enough to create a vapor without being burned or producing any toxic byproducts.

Better taste:

When you smoke your herb it leaves a burnt taste, but this acrid flavor only occurs after the THC has been burned. Since your vaporizer uses heat instead of fire, it can leave a natural, more subtle flavoring in your vapor.

Less harsh for your throat:

If you have a sore throat, or any other trouble with your lungs, you may be able to switch from smoking to vaping without compromising your health. Smoking can cause coughing and irritation of the lungs making regular use of a vaporizer an ideal alternative.


As vaporizers are typically electronic devices, they don’t involve rolling papers or messy lighters. You can vape if you want without having to recharge or refill.

Long-lasting effects:

The high from vaping weed and cannabis will last much longer than if you were to smoke it regularly. This is because, when your body metabolizes cannabinoids, the THC is absorbed into the blood stream through the lungs rather than passing through the digestive system which helps to prolong its effects.

Easier to share:

You probably have friends who have already tried vaping weed and don’t know how helpful it can be. When you vape weed, you can take small amounts with you without worrying about getting caught.

More discreet:

The vaporizer will help you to avoid the stigma associated with using cannabis and it provides a safe way to enjoy your weed or cannabis in public.



Portable vaporizers are small, convenient devices, but they may not produce the best flavor for vaping marijuana. Unfortunately, portable vapes tend to burn their weed a little bit (think scorched earth) which means that there is more carbon residue than with other options.

Healthier buds:

While portability provides some benefits to enjoying your weed, it does lower its quality. The chemical makeup of your cannabis will be affected when you burn it. Vapes use heat to extract the THC from plant material and this will leave your herb’s taste intact after vaping.

Turning it on and off:

Whether you are using a portable or desktop vaporizer, you’ll need to turn it on before you start vaping. The device heats up fast but not instantly. When you want to readjust the temperature or take a break from smoking, you’ll enjoy a bit of a wait before your vaporizer can be used again.

There you have it! Are you convinced to start vaping? Check our last review posts about amazing-quality vapes! I hope you enjoyed considering the pros and cons of vaping instead of smoking your herb.

Happy vaping!